Miniblog.Core is an open source, file based blog engine. I really like its simplicity, that's why I forked original repository and created a version with database support.
There are no changes regarding UI or any other functionalities. I'll keep updating the repository along with new versions of madskristensen/Miniblog.Core 
Fork can be found here


Some time ago I found cool open source eCommerce platform called nopCommerce. Moreover it's a .net core based solution so it fits my needs. I just jumped into and tried to code my first payment plugin which you can find here

I encourage you to visit


Sharptype is my new app which I created to compete with my friends in a "writing race". Visit and try it yourself.

Wszywka Teksty is a Soundboard with funny sayings that comes from popular Polish youtube channel. Application is available on all popular mobile systems! My contribution was to provide an application dedicated to Windows 10 devices (both PC and Mobile).

Get it on Windows 10